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Table 4 Frequency of the 15 most common unusable ICD-10 codes in national DHIS2 health facility data for 2018

From: Improving quality of medical certification of causes of death in health facilities in Tanzania 2014–2019

ICD-10 code Cause Number of deaths
I10. Essential (primary) hypertension 1281
R99. Other ill-defined and unspecified causes of mortality 1261
I50. Heart failure 1131
A41. Other septicemia 884
S09. Other and unspecified injury of the head 290
D64. Other anemias 213
C80. Malignant neoplasm without specification of site 207
J06. Acute upper respiratory infection of multiple unspecified sites 192
J81. Pulmonary oedema 160
D50. Iron deficiency anemia 112
K65. Peritonitis 92
R57 Shock 73
R50. Fever of unknown origin 51
N17. Acute renal failure 37
X49. Accidental poisoning and or exposure to other and unspecified chemicals and toxins 24
  Total 6008