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Table 1 ‘Risk’ and ‘Need’ Score For Cataract Surgery Prioritisation

From: Cataract risk stratification and prioritisation protocol in the COVID-19 era

Characteristic Score
Risk Score (Based on systemic risk to poor COVID-19 outcome)  
 < 70 years 0
 70 to 79 years 5
 > 80 years 10
Sex (Male) 1
Ethnicity (BAME) 1
Systemic Comorbidities
 Chronic respiratory disease (excluding mild asthma) 1
 Chronic heart disease (excluding hypertension) 1
 Chronic Kidney Disease 1
 Malignancy 1
 Diabetes 1
 Other 1
Maximum Risk score 18
Need Score (Based on need and prognosis of cataract surgery)
 Vision 6/12 or worse OR anisometropia > 3D 1
 Lack of any of the following ocular comorbidities significantly affecting prognosis of surgery 1
 Moderate to Advanced AMD  
 Cornea opacification  
 Retinal artery/vein occlusion  
 Chronic retinal degeneration  
 Central visual impairment  
 Optic neuropathy  
 Active uveitis  
 Other maculopathy (excluding AMD)  
 Only one good eye 1
Maximum Need Score 3