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Table 2 Number and function of individuals interviewed

From: Implementation of a standard outcome set in perinatal care: a qualitative analysis of barriers and facilitators from all stakeholder perspectives

Interview Subjects   Description
community care professionals (CCP)
 community midwife 2 provides perinatal care for low-risk pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care at home (also after discharge from the hospital)
 maternity care provider 2 nurse that assists community midwife with at home deliveries and provides maternity care at home (also after discharge the form hospital)
hospital-employed care professionals (HCP)
 clinical midwife 2 all provide perinatal care to medium/high risk pregnancies and deliveries in the hospital
 obstetrician 2
 obstetric resident 2
 obstetric nurse 2
 neonatologist 2
 receptionist 2
policy makers (PM)
 hospital department manager 1 head of obstetric department
 manager quality and safety 1 quality manager of the hospital
 administrative staff 2 financial and clinical registration
 healthcare insurer 1 largest regional insurer
patients (PT) 6 currently in perinatal care, equally representing:
- pregnant and postpartum (within 6 weeks)
- primiparous and multiparous
- receiving hospital or community care, or both