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Table 1 CFIR domains and constructs, with aligning study entities

From: Implementation of a standard outcome set in perinatal care: a qualitative analysis of barriers and facilitators from all stakeholder perspectives

Domain (aligning study entity) Construct
Intervention Characteristics (of the PCB outcome set) - Intervention Source
- Evidence Strength and Quality
- Relative Advantage
- Adaptability
- Trialability
- Complexity
- Design Quality
- Cost
Inner Setting (OCN practices) - Structural Characteristics
- Networks and Communications
- Culture
- Implementation Climate
- Readiness for Implementation
Outer Setting (Dutch perinatal care) - Patient Needs and Resources
- Cosmopolitanism
- Peer Pressure
- External Policy and Incentives
Characteristics of Individuals (OCN stakeholders) - Knowledge and Beliefs about the Intervention
- Self-efficacy
- Individual Stage of Change
- Individual Identification with Organization
- Other Personal Attributes
Process (aspects of implementing, delivering and evaluating the PCB outcome set) - Planning
- Engaging
- Executing
- Reflecting and Evaluating
  1. Legend: PCB Pregnancy and childbirth; OCN Obstetric care network