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Table 1 Semi-structured topic guide for clinician interviews

From: “What is the actual goal of the pathway?”: examining emergency department physician and nurse perspectives on the implementation of a pediatric concussion pathway using the theoretical domains framework

Domain Sample Questions
1. Knowledge To your knowledge, what are the existing guidelines for the diagnosis and management of concussion in children?
Are there aspects of pediatric concussion that you would like to learn more about?
What is the best way for you to learn about the clinical pathway?
2. Skills How would you describe the training you’ve received in pediatric concussion care?
3. Social/professional role and identity Given your role, which aspect of pediatric concussion care do you feel you are most responsible for?
Would the introduction of a clinical pathway affect your role? How?
4. Beliefs about capabilities How would you describe your level of confidence around being asked to implement a clinical pathway for concussion?
5. Optimism Do you think that the implementation of a clinical pathway will make any difference?
Do you anticipate that there will be any barriers to implementing the clinical pathway?
6. Beliefs about consequences In your opinion, what do you think are the possible negative aspects of implementing a clinical pathway?
7. Reinforcement What are the best ways to ensure that clinical staff will use the clinical pathway as expected?
8. Intentions Currently, how motivated would you say you are to learn about and implement a new clinical pathway in your practice?
Do you anticipate this level of motivation could change over time? If so, why?
9. Goals Given your clinical responsibilities, how would you prioritize the clinical pathway implementation relative to other activities?
10. Memory, attention, and decision What are some ways we can support you, other clinicians, and the clinic in general in implementing a clinical pathway?
11. Environmental context What resources are available to support you or the clinic in general in the implementation of a clinical pathway?
Can you think of any organizational limitations that you feel would hinder your ability to implement the clinical pathway effectively?
12. Social influences Are there factors such as interpersonal relations among colleagues or professional roles and boundaries that could impact the implementation of a clinical pathway?
13. Emotion Do you foresee any potential for the clinical pathway implementation to elicit negative emotions among clinicians or hospital administrators?
14. Behavioral regulation In terms of your personal practice, what are the mechanisms that will help you ensure that you regularly and effectively implement the clinical pathway?