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Table 3 Intervention tools developed at meso level

From: ‘What matters to you?’ Normative integration of an intervention to promote participation of older patients with multi-morbidity – a qualitative case study

Intervention tools 1 2 3 4
A ‘What matters to you?’ questionnaire based on the Patient-Specific Functioning Scale [54], used to set goals for physical rehabilitation. x    x
Pocket cards for health professionals, with three questions to elicit patients’ rehabilitation goals. x    x
Form to fill in medical information about new patients, with ‘What matters to you?’ as one of approx. 15 items. x x   
Written agendas for care-planning meetings, in which elicitation of patients’ goals for their care pathways was one component    x x
One-to-two-page care pathway checklists with an open-ended question ‘What matters to you?’ x x x x