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Table 2 Example from coding of the state logic

From: ‘What matters to you?’ Normative integration of an intervention to promote participation of older patients with multi-morbidity – a qualitative case study

Data Units of meaning Subcategories Theme
Extract from white paper:
“Older persons should feel valued, seen and be able to participate in decisions which involve them. They should have the opportunity to live at home as long as possible, and receive support to master their everyday lives, regardless of illness or functional impairment” [20] p.121.
Seen as individuals.
Supported mastery, with focus on living everyday life.
Treatment at home is the norm.
Support from health system.
Reduced health no obstacle.
The state determines quality standards for care and role of the health system [27].
The state expects older persons to participate in order to master life at home.
Individualized service delivery