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Table 4 Utility weights from Kwon et al. [43]

From: Cost burden and net monetary benefit loss of neonatal hypoglycaemia

Event Tree Model Outcomes

Category Descriptions (ICD-10 groups)

Utility Weight (95% CI)

Learning disabilities

Cognitive impairment (F06)

0.48 (0.45–0.50)

Severe learning disabilities/Global developmental delay

Mental retardation (F72)

0.28 (0.21–0.34)

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy (G80)

0.35 (0.28–0.42)

Childhood epilepsies and convulsions

Epilepsy (G40)

0.55 (0.31–0.79)

Vision disorders/blindness

Visual disturbances and blindness (H54)

0.55 (0.48–0.62)