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Table 3 Post-discharge health expenditures per patient for hypoglycaemia-related outcomes

From: Cost burden and net monetary benefit loss of neonatal hypoglycaemia

Outcome Outcome subgroup Population Cost components Cost (per patient, mean annual, 2018 NZ$)
Cerebral Palsy All Medicaid-enrolled patients < 17 years of age, United States Total health care expenditure (inpatient costs, outpatient costs, medications), US$ (2005 data) $41,332 [36]
Cerebral palsy, no intellectual disability $31,211 [36]
Severe intellectual disorders/ learning disabilities IQ 50–69 Families with children with intellectual disability, Australia Annual government assistance; out-of-pocket health and home care expenses, AU$ (2012 data) $15,532 [37]
IQ 35–49 $25,317 [37]
IQ < 35 $17,857 [37]
Epilepsy Epilepsy All patients, Australia Direct health care costs (hospital costs, medication costs, other), US$ (1990 data) $5196 [38]
Vision disorders Impaired visual acuity, mixed aetiologies All patients, Australia Total health-related cost (informal care and support; medicines, products, and equipment; health and community services; and other expenses), US$ (2009 data) $3124 [39]
Mixed aetiologies All patients, Australia Direct health system costs, based on health service utilisation, AU$ (2000–2004 data) $5377 [40]
  1. To convert NZ$ to US$ multiply by 0.6938