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Table 1 Candidate outcomes and reported issues

From: Cost burden and net monetary benefit loss of neonatal hypoglycaemia

Developmental Domain Reported Issue (with sources)
Cognitive Low IQ [9]
Cognitive dysfunction [10]
Impaired perceptive performance [11]
Cognitive delay [12]
Language Verbal skills delay [9]
Speech language delay [12]
Motor Impaired coordination/motricity [11]
Cerebral palsy [12]
Social-Emotional Hyperactivity and inattention [13]
Adaptive Behaviour Impairment of adaptability and motivation [14]
Executive Function Impairment of recognition memory [15]
Working memory deficits [16, 17]
Impairment of explicit memory (recall) after a delay [18]
Growth Lower body weight [9]
Suboptimal head growth [9, 12]
Visual Occipital lobe injury (MRI) [19, 20]
Blindness or impaired visual acuity [12]
Other specific visual impairment, including squint, visual field defect, cortical visual impairment, immature visual attention and tracking, visuo-spatial difficulties [12]
Hearing Deafness or impaired hearing
Neurological White matter abnormalities [12]
Seizures/epilepsy [12, 21]