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Table 1 Integrated & compensatory adjustments of core implementation components [29] from the pilot implementation

From: Implementation of the norwegian ‘Starting right’ child health service innovation: implementation adjustments, adoption, and acceptability

  Staff selection Preservice and in-service training Ongoing coaching and consultation Staff evaluation Decision support data systems Facilitative administrative support Systems intervention
Staff evaluation -Time-consuming for selected staff -Difference in readiness and how fast CSHNs become familiar with tools
-Specific user issues in online system
-Usefulness of tool to create dialogue
-Concerns about nonresponders
-CSHNs needing to be involved by own premises -Concerns about nonresponders
-Difference in distribution of assessments to one vs. two parents
-Concerns about CSHNs use
-Time-consuming for selected staff
-CSHNs concerns of data protection
-Need for integration with electronic patient record
-Double log-in
Adjustments -Rearrange work tasks for medical secretary
-Assistants to register children & guardians
-Extra visits in centers
-Fewer CSHNs present to enhance individual support & feedback
-Continuous improvement of online handbooks
-Emphasize usefulness in coaching
-Provide paper-based questionnaires in foreign languages
-Communicate adoption & acceptability
-Increase researchers´ availability -Use systems log to assess parental acceptability
-Use systems log to assess CSHNs adoption
-Assistants to register children & guardians
-Information about data security protection by head of services
-Develop logical scheme for systems integration according to CSHNs´ working processes
-Dialogue with system provides
-Launching integration project
  1. Abbreviations: CSHN child and school health nurse