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Table 4 Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the Demanded and Provided Nutrition and Dietetic Services

From: Stakeholders’ perceptions of the nutrition and dietetics needs and the requisite professional competencies in Uganda: a cross-sectional mixed methods study

Nutrition and dietetic services domains HN/HND Graduates Academic staff and Work/internship Supervisors
Requested by communities (N = 109) Provided by employers (N = 100) Considered a priority to provide (N = 98)
Respondents n(%)* Respondents n(%)* Respondents n(%)* Illustrative quotes on the nutrition and dietetic services provided in communities
Nutrition Awareness, Education & Counselling 60(55) 56(56) 63(64.3) “Guidance and counselling …”
“Nutrition guidance and counselling …”
“Mainly nutrition education is provided …”
“Nutrition education in the community …”
Integrated management of acute malnutrition 51(46.8) 54(54) 31(31.6) “It is mainly the treatment of severe acute malnutrition through hospitals …”
“Supplementation with ready-to-use-therapeutic feeds for those that meet the required criteria …”
“Therapeutic feeding …”
Food Security and livelihood support 37(33.9) 47(47) 41(41.8) “Nutrition livelihood programs …”
“Food relief …”
“Cash for work intervention …”
Management of non-communicable diseases 29(26.6) 22(22) 12(12.2) “Interventions that largely address management of nutrition-related problems …”
“Nutrition in illness in fairly larger hospitals and regional referral hospitals …”
“Diet/meal planning …”
Nutrition Screening 25(22.9) 28(28) 7(7.1) “Nutrition assessment …”
“Routine community nutrition screening for children …”
Maternal, infant, young child and adolescent nutrition 19(17.4) 19(19) 14(14.3) “Child health nutrition services at clinics and hospitals …”
“Antenatal nutrition education …”
“Food demonstration in infant and young child feeding …”
“Health education on infant and young child feeding practices …”
Water, sanitation, and hygiene 11(10.1) 14(14) 8(8.2) “Water sanitation and hygiene services”
Business and industry _ _ _ “Product development, food processing …”
  1. * Multiple response analysis with percentage computed based on number of respondents rather than the total number of responses; HN/HND Human Nutrition/Human Nutrition and Dietetics