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Table 4 Interview Guide

From: The obesity paradigm and the role of health services in obesity prevention: a grounded theory approach

OBESITY - From a population point of view, how does overweight and obesity impact on the ACT population?
- How do the increasing rates of overweight and obesity across the population impact on health services?
PREVENTION - In your own words, how would you define prevention as applied to chronic disease?
- What are the key elements of a prevention system aimed at reducing rates of overweight and obesity?
POLICY - Describe the ACT policies which incorporate overweight and obesity prevention?
- How do these policies link to service delivery within ACT Health?
ROLE - What do you see as the role of health services in the prevention of overweight and obesity?
BARRIERS - What are the main barriers to health services being able to incorporate prevention into service delivery?
Potentially prompt with suggestions: time, skill, embarrassment, not knowing what to do with information
DATA – KPIS - What data does ACT Health gather in relation to overweight and obesity?
- How does ACT Health measure what is being done to prevent an increase in overweight and obesity?
SKILLS - Are health professionals equipped with the necessary skills to incorporate prevention into care?
STIGMA - What do you think are the impacts of the social stigma attached to overweight and obesity?
- How does this (the stigma) impact on the capacity of health services to deliver preventive care?
- Do you think patients expect the topic of weight to be raised if it is impacting on their health?
- Do you think clinical staff are comfortable raising the topic of weight or lifestyle risk factors with their patients?
- Are there any final comments you would like to make or points you would like to raise?
- The interview will be transcribed, and I will check for initial errors. Would you like me to send the transcript to you to allow you to check for accuracy?
- Are you happy for me to contact you if I require clarification of any of the topics we have discussed today? Is email the best way to contact you?