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Table 2 Example of data analysis in the study

From: The obesity paradigm and the role of health services in obesity prevention: a grounded theory approach

Data   Initial codes Categories Main concept
‘I’ve asked that anything that is required to take weight of a patient actually has a visible label on now, so that includes chairs, walking aids, whatever, so the clinicians and patients can visibly see the capacity of that equipment. There were two reasons for that. One, was to try and ensure that the staff were aware of what the weight limits were for equipment because they vary amongst suppliers and different pieces of equipment, and also it’s a big tricky and a bit sensitive to have to say to somebody that they breach the weight limit of a piece of equipment, so we’re hoping there’s things such as chairs in waiting rooms and things that patients would be able to make an informed decision around that kind of thing’. Sensitivities around telling people they are too heavy for equipment- help people make decisions themselves
in relation to equipment, weight limits of standard office chairs not high enough as rates of overweight go up?
Normalising of obesity