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Table 3 Time of implementation of the selected TeamSTEPPS tools and strategies

From: A human factors intervention in a hospital - evaluating the outcome of a TeamSTEPPS program in a surgical ward

The teamwork competencies May 2016 June 2016 August 2016 September 2016 October 2016 January 2017 February 2017 March 2017 May 2017
Communication Closed-loop ISBAR1        I-PASS3
Leadership    Briefs Huddles   Debriefs    
Situation Monitoring      Cross monitoring   STEP2   
Mutual Support       Task assistance   Two Challenge rule  
  1. 1ISBAR = Identification, Situation, Background, Assessment, Request/Recommendation – Use by exchange of critical information
  2. 2STEP=Status of the patient, Team members, Environment, Progress toward the goal – Used by focusing on updated electronic care plans
  3. 3I-PASS=Illness severity, Patient summary, Action list, Situation awareness and contingency planning, Synthesis by receiver – Systematic handoffs with focus on patient safety risks