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Table 2 Top 5 questions by topic and PPI rank, compared with non-PPI rank

From: A multi-stakeholder approach to the co-production of the research agenda for medicines optimisation

Patient Concerns PPI rank
(n = 7)
Non-PPI rank
(n = 25)
 Is there a shared decision (with patients) about using each medicine? 1 2
 How are medication reviews by different healthcare professionals integrated? 2 5
 To what extent are patients’ views and experiences considered during medication reviews? 3a 1
 What are patients’ perspectives and experiences of non-medical prescribers, and does this vary according to different professional groups and different patient groups? 3b 10
 How can communication relevant to medication reviews be enhanced across and within sectors? 5 3
Polypharmacy PPI rank Non-PPI rank
 To what extent should polypharmacy involve patients’ views and preferences in shared decision-making? 1 5
 What can patients teach health care professionals about the burden of polypharmacy and coping (or not) mechanisms? 2 11
 Which patients should be targeted by polypharmacy medication reviews, where and when? 3 7
 What are the key components of a good, person-centred, holistic, polypharmacy medication review? 4 6
 If we undertake a polypharmacy medication review well with the right person at the right time, what happens to the patient (i.e. are their outcomes better, does their ‘quality of life’ improve etc.)? 5 2
Non-medical Prescribing PPI rank Non-PPI rank
 How can we optimise the contribution of non-medical prescribers to primary care? 1 1
 How can we raise patient awareness of these ‘new’ prescribers? 2 10
 What is the role of the NMP in medicines reviews (e.g. in specialist areas such as rheumatology and type of NMP e.g. pharmacist, nurse)? 3a 6
 How can non-medical prescribers optimise medicines use in vulnerable patient populations e.g. drug misusers, individuals with mental illness? 3b 13
 How is deprescribing, polypharmacy, etc. undertaken by non-medical prescribers? 5 2
Deprescribing PPI rank Non-PPI rank
 How can we empower patients to take a more active role in self-management and self-monitoring of multiple long-term conditions, including deprescribing? 1 2
 Should all ‘prescribing’ guidelines include recommendations to deprescribe, and if so how? 2 9
 How can GPs and non-medical prescribers be assisted in dealing with deprescribing of medicines originally prescribed by hospital consultants? 3a 9
 Does providing full access to medical records enable more effective collaborative deprescribing decisions? 3b 8
 How can pharmacological and holistic therapies be merged? E.g. deprescribing of antidepressants. 3c 18