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Table 1 Overview of population age distribution, overall hospitalizations and hospitalizations for ACSCs, Portugal, 2015

From: Direct and lost productivity costs associated with avoidable hospital admissions

Total number of hospitalizations1,000,670
Number of hospitalizations for ACSCs99,417
Hospitalizations per ACSCa
 Bacterial pneumonia35,523 (35.54%)
 Congestive heart failure22,753 (22.76%)
 Hypertension1896 (1.90%)
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma in older adults10,470 (10.48%)
 Asthma in younger adults265 (0.27%)
 Urinary tract infection17,704 (17.71%)
 Diabetes long-term complications4541 (4.54%)
 Diabetes short-term complications1521 (1.52%)
 Uncontrolled diabetes993 (0.99%)
 Lower-extremity amputation among diabetics1266 (1.27%)
 Dehydration3019 (3.02%)
Hospitalizations for ACSCs per total of hospitalizations9.93%
Rate of hospitalizations for ACSCs (per 100.000 population over 18 years old)1253.88
Age and sex-standardized rate of hospitalizations for ACSCs (per 100.000 population over 18 years old)850.60
Hospitalizations for ACSCs per sex
 Male47,548 (47.83%)
 Female51,869 (52.17%)
Hospitalizations for ACSCs per age group
 18–44 years4455 (4.49%)
 45–64 years13,573 (13.66%)
 65+ years81,389 (81.87%)
Mean age of patients hospitalized for ACSCs (standard deviation)75.84 (14.54)
Mean length of stay in days for hospitalizations for ACSCs (standard deviation)10.08 (11.22)
Hospitalizations for ACSC with death outcome (% of all hospitalizations for ACSCs)13,453 (13.53%)
Per sex and age group
 Male6732 (50.04%)
  18–44 years43 (0.32%)
  45–64 years492 (3.66%)
  65+ years6197 (46.06%)
 Female6721 (49.96%)
  18–44 years30 (0.22%)
  45–64 years194 (1.44%)
  65+ years6497 (48.29%)
Years of potential life lost109,641
  1. a Some discharges due to lower extremity amputation also accounted for other diabetes-related ACSC