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Table 1 A summary of various types of community-based care services for the elderly

From: Demand for community-based care services and its influencing factors among the elderly in affordable housing communities: a case study in Nanjing City

CategoryTypeBrief descriptionResearchers
Assistance with activities of daily living service (AADLS)1. The elderly care hotlineProviding support, information, advice, or a referral for the elderly through the telephone hotline.[20, 32,33,34]
2. Meal-aidProviding canteens or centralized meal delivery service.
3. Clean-aidProviding indoor cleaning services and specialized cleaning services for the elderly.
4. Bath-aidProviding the visiting bath service for the elderly to help them take a bath.
5. Walk-aidProviding scheduled transportation services.
6. DaycareProviding day care and support services to frail elders aged 60 and above who are lacking care of family members during day time.
Medical care service (MCS)1. Building health archivesHelping the elderly in the community to establish and maintain health archives.[34,35,36]
2. On-call nursing and doctor visitsHelping the elderly save time and money with 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or online video anytime, anywhere. Doctors offer a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription, if medically necessary.
3. Rehabilitation therapyProviding care that can help the elderly get back, keep, or improve abilities that they need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive.
4. Medical lectureProviding education on lifestyle, nutrition and disease management.
5. First-aidProviding emergency response to unexpected serious health events and unexpected security incidents, such as offering assistance to the elderly suffering sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
6. Regular medical examinationsIt is a common form of preventive medicine involving visits to a general practitioner by well feeling elderly on a regular basis.
7. Medication GuideMedication reminders and supervision.
Cultural and entertainment service (CES)1. Chess and mahjongProviding the elderly with places to play chess and mahjong in the community.[27, 33, 37,38,39]
2. Drama, singing and dancingProviding the elderly with places to watch the drama, sing and dance in the community.
3. Calligraphy and paintingProviding the elderly with places to do calligraphy and painting in the community.
4. Daily readingProviding the elderly with places to read books daily in the community, such as the reading room.
5. Sporting fitnessProviding the elderly with places to exercise in the community.
6. Learning activitiesProviding the elderly with places to conduct learning activities in the community.
7. The elderly tourismProviding tourism services for the elderly.
Psychological and legal service (PLS)1. Chat-aidProviding emotional support, ideological communication, and relieve their emotional loneliness by chatting with the elderly face to face.[22, 34, 40, 41]
2. Psychological counselingProviding mental health and adjustment services to the elderly and also consultation with them (Providers are professional counselors).
3. Legal aidProviding legal services in civil matters to the elderly.
4. Daily mental careProviding relieve mental disorders, and alleviate mental stress for the elderly to meet their daily mental needs (Providers are volunteers).
5. MediationHelping the elderly to mediate with others by expert consultation.