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Table 2 Implementation strength indicators reported by the In-Charges versus observed by the interviewers with sensitivity and specificity of phone interview method

From: Testing the validity and feasibility of using a mobile phone-based method to assess the strength of implementation of family planning programs in Malawi

Implementation Strength IndicatorReported percentage (n/N)Observed Percentage (n/N)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
HFs who received FP supervision from someone external in previous 3 months73 (38/52)77 (40/52)8050
HFs who supervise their HWs with reinforcement of YFHS practice49 (18/37)22 (8/37)10066
HFs whose supervision checklist of HWs includes youth FP69 (25/36)89 (32/36)7531
HFs with FP guidelines94 (50/53)85 (45/53)9613
HFs with youth FP guidelines57 (31/54)45 (24/53)7352
HFs with FP job aids86 (44/51)61 (31/51)9425
HFs with FP pamphlets75 (39/52)73 (38/52)8950
HFs that provide
 Injectables96 (51/53)96 (51/53)100100
 Implants88 (45/51)96 (49/51)95100
HFs with current stocks of
 Injectables96 (49/51)96 (49/51)100100
 Implants74 (39/53)77 (41/53)10067
HFs with no stock-out in the previous 3 reporting months of
 Injectables88 (45/51)96 (49/51)10092
 Implants87 (34/39)92 (36/39)6792
HFs that have a private room for FP consultations91 (48/53)89 (47/53)9433
HFs have a space designated for youth consultations and activities13 (7/53)21 (11/53)4595