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Table 2 Categories (in italics) and Themes developed from focus group transcripts

From: “They are talking from the Encyclopedia Britannica brain”: diabetes patients’ perceptions of barriers to communicating with physicians

Patients’ self-constructed beliefs about their condition
 Minimizing SeverityMinimizing the importance of T2DM and self-management
 Emotional/MotivationalShame or self-blame about motivational challenges self-managing T2DM
Perceptions of Physicians Behaviors
 Testing the RelationshipParticipants described difficulty understanding the physician and used their assessment to determine whether to remain active.
 PressureParticipants indicated that a physician used a lecturing/controlling style to direct behavior change.
 Power – DistanceAn imbalance of power in the medical interaction and a resulting relational distance (separation) between patient and physician.
Perceptions about external influences on the medical encounter
 Lack of ContinuityProblems with not knowing the physician and not having a physician who knows you.
 Electronic Health Record (EHR)Participants felt the computer diverted the physician’s attention and participants made assumptions about information in the EHR.
 TimeParticipants believed that physicians were busy and that time constraints limited communication