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Table 2 Patient’s satisfaction with the second opinion and the provided service

From: Results of a patient-oriented second opinion program in Germany shows a high discrepancy between initial therapy recommendation and second opinion

 Number patients (%)
Are you satisfied with your second opinion?
 Very satisfied166 (44.0%)
 Satisfied169 (44.8%)
 Unsatisfied30 (8.0%)
 Very unsatisfied12 (3.2%)
Which therapy have you chosen in the end?
 Recommended therapy by second opinion132 (59.7%)
 Any other therapy89 (40.3%)
Are you satisfied with your choice of therapy?
 Yes255 (84.4%)
 No47 (15.6%)
Would you consider the result of your chosen therapy as anticipated?
 Yes217 (76.1%)
 No68 (23.9%)
How has your health condition changed 3 months after receiving the second opinion?
 Distinct improvement126 (34.2%)
 Slight improvement97 (26.3%)
 No change100 (27.1%)
 Slight impairment27 (7.3%)
 Distinct impairment19 (5.1%)
Have you sought an additional medical opinion regarding your clinical picture next to the initial and second opinion?
 Yes152 (40.4%)
 No224 (59.6%)
Did the second opinion support your choice of therapy?
 Very helpful113 (31.1%)
 Helpful119 (32.8%)
 Slightly helpful65 (17.9%)
 Not very helpful34 (9.4%)
 Not helpful at all32 (8.8%)
Did the second opinion improve your understanding of your health condition or health problem?
 Yes271 (71.7%)
 No66 (17.5%)
 Neither nor41 (10.8%)
Have your questions been answered (adequately) by the second opinion?
 Just right316 (84.3%)
 Insufficient49 (13.0%)
 Too comprehensive10 (2.7%)
Did you perceive the text as understandable?
 Very understandable105 (46.9%)
 Understandable103 (46.0%)
 Slightly understandable13 (5.8%)
 Not very understandable2 (0.9%)
 Not understandable at all1 (0.4%)
Did you perceive the result of your second opinion as clear?
 Very clear69 (31.4%)
 Clear113 (51.4%)
 Slightly clear24 (10.9%)
 Not very clear8 (3.6%)
 Not clear at all6 (2.7%)