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Table 3 Association between local DOAC preference and prescribing of DOACs

From: Trends in anticoagulant prescribing: a review of local policies in English primary care

 Prescriptions (DDD) (millions)p valueCramér’s V
Local DOAC PolicyRecommended DOACOther DOACb
RivaroxabanRivaroxaban1.2910.843< 0.0050.249
Other DOACa0.7381.333
ApixabanApixaban0.6090.339< 0.0050.268
Other DOACa1.0682.189
EdoxabanEdoxaban0.2900.833< 0.0050.377
Other DOACa0.0663.016
  1. For policies accessed July – Aug 2019, and prescribing data spanning the same period
  2. aIncludes the two other categories from the set {“Rivaroxaban,” “Apixaban,” “Edoxaban”} besides the one being considered
  3. bIncludes pooled prescriptions of three DOACs from the set {rivaroxaban, apixaban, edoxaban, dabigatran} besides the one being considered