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Table 3 Infrastructure elements

From: Development and upgrading of public primary healthcare facilities with essential surgical services infrastructure: a strategy towards achieving universal health coverage in Tanzania

SNBasic InfrastructureDefinitions
1.Physical infrastructureFunctioning building including latrines
 • Building or infrastructure repair
 • Equipment processing
System for maintenance and repair of buildings or infrastructure
3.Infection control
 • Availability of infection control items
 • Adequate disposal system for infectious waste
Availability of soap, running water, sharp box, latex gloves and disinfectant
Collection of disposal of infectious waste
No unprotected waste observed
4.Referral system meansPresence of ambulances
Presence of a reliable means of communication
5Distance from the district council headquarters/Distance to the nearest health facilitiesLess than 10 km
Between 5 km -10kms
More than 10 kms
6.Safe Surgery performancePresence of functioning operating theatre
7.Catchment populationNumber of people who are served by the health facilities