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Table 1 Questions in the modified SHiM used in the OPERAM trial

From: Intervention protocol: OPtimising thERapy to prevent avoidable hospital Admission in the Multi-morbid elderly (OPERAM): a structured medication review with support of a computerised decision support system

Questions on individual drug level
1. Are you using this drug as prescribed? (dosage, dose frequency and dosage form)
2. If not, what is the reason for deviating (from dosage, frequency or form) or not taking the drug at all?
3. Are you experiencing any side-effects from taking this drug?
Questions on a general level
4. Are you using any other prescription drugs that are not mentioned on this list?
5. Are you using non-prescription drugs?
6. Are you using homeopathic drugs or herbal medicines?
7. Are you using drugs that belong to family members or friends?
8. Are you using any ‘as needed’ drugs?
9. Are you using drugs that are no longer prescribed?
10. Do you have any drug allergies?
11. Do you have any drug intolerances?