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Table 3 Opinion about the client- and family centeredness of the program

From: Pain-related fear in adolescents with chronic musculoskeletal pain: process evaluation of an interdisciplinary graded exposure program

Adolescents’ opinionParents’ opinion
Giving Youth A Voice Questionnaire-20 subscales (n items)Measure of Processes of Care Questionnaire-20 subscales (n items)
 Meana (sd) Meana (sd)
Supportive and Respectful Relationships (5)5.8 (1.66)Enabling and Partnership (3)4.7 (1.63)
Information Sharing/Communication (5)6.1 (1.29)Providing General Information (5)4.5 (1.61)
Supporting Independence (5)6.0 (1.22)Providing specific information about the child (3)5.3 (1.35)
Teen Centered Services (5)6.2 (1.09)Coordinated and comprehensive care for child and family (4)5.7 (1.14)
  Respectful and supportive care (5)4.9 (1.31)
  1. aMean scores on a scale 1–7, with higher scores reflecting a more favorable opinion on the behaviors of the therapists reflected in the subscales. The mean values of the subscales of the GYV-20 were calculated from 17 questionnaires completed by the adolescents. The mean values of the subscales of the MPOC-20 were calculated from 31 questionnaires completed by the parents