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Table 1 Components of the process evaluation and data collection methods

From: Pain-related fear in adolescents with chronic musculoskeletal pain: process evaluation of an interdisciplinary graded exposure program

Performance according to protocol (Treatment fidelity and dose delivered)
Delivery of 8 essential elements of preparatory phase (Elements are specified in Table 2)  x   
Delivery of 15 essential elements of education phase (Elements are specified in Table 2)  x   
Delivery of 11 essential elements of treatment phase (Elements are specified in Table 2)  x   
Planning of the treatment sessions according to protocol   x x
Adolescent participation in the program (Dose received – exposure)
Extent to which adolescents attended the treatment sessions   x x
Opinion on the program (Dose received-satisfaction)
Opinion of the adolescents x  x 
Opinion of the parents x  x 
Opinion of the treatment teams     x
  1. TE Training evaluation questionnaire, Q1 Questionnaire on characteristics of study population, AV Audio and video recordings, RF Registration forms, Q2 Questionnaire on the opinion on the program; Giving Youth A Voice Questionnaire for the adolescents and Measure of Processes of Care Questionnaire for the parents, GI Group interview with treatment teams