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Table 2 Summary of the workshop discussion priority areas, their purpose and resources needed for their implementation

From: Re-engineering the Cypriot healthcare service system

Priority areasPurposeResources
CPGs developmentDevelopment of clinical practice guidelines on the key clinical issues that are important in Cyprus• Oversight committee which will be the committee that will be constituted to lead the Cyprus Quality Improvement Institute (CQII)).
• Quality improvement leads in each hospital that will coordinate clinical audit, clinical guidelines implementation etc.
• Expert personnel from the CQII will collect and analyse data and
• CQII administrator will organise outreach visits and coordinate the development of the reports.
Clinical audit development and implementationDevelopment and implementation of national audit programmes based on the recommendations in the guidelinesSame as above
Capacity building and resource allocationCapacity-building and resource allocationSame as above
Revalidation system of clinical services for all clinicians working in CyprusDevelopment of a process for revalidation of all clinicians working in CyprusSame as above
Peer-review system set-up for clinical servicesDevelopment of a system for peer-review of clinical servicesSame as above
Accreditation of ServicesDevelopment of a system for accreditation of servicesThere would need to be a central secretariat support from CQII that will ensure that all doctors practicing is monitored and that the responsible officers maintain their training. CQII shall need Web based tools, systems for collecting patient feedback and for the 360 appraisals.
 • Oversight committee (CQII)
 • A panel of individuals to undertake the visits (clinical, managerial and lay) with a chair who would have responsibility for writing the report.
 • Administrator to organise the visits and coordinate the development of the reports
Inspection process implementation to ensure provision of safe and sustainable servicesImplementation of an inspection process to ensure that all health care providers are providing safe and sustainable services• Run an independent body without direct links to providers, department of health or the insurance companies:
 - CQII Committee to oversee the processes, develop the assessment tools, scrutinise the reports and take responsibility for the decisions about service provision. Should include clinicians, lay people, finance experts and health service managers.
 - There would need to be an administrator of the scheme, planning visits, coordinating the paperwork and report writing
 - A panel of individuals to undertake the visits (clinical, managerial and lay) with a chair who would have responsibility for writing the report
Incentives systems development (rewards, motivation and support) for clinical excellenceImplementation of a process where excellent work by clinicians, additional to normal contractual requirements are rewarded.Monetary funds for the Clinical Excellence awards. The funding shall come by the government or preferably EU funds (structural etc.). CQII will seek support from external organisations with expertise in quality improvement i.e. from UK organisations such as NICE, Care Quality Commission, Royal College of Physicians etc.