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Table 3 Antibiotic treatment upper UTI – modified [16]

From: A clinical decision support system improves antibiotic therapy for upper urinary tract infection in a randomized single-blinded study

AntibioticRegular doseDose adjustmentFrequencyLength of treatment [days]
Ciprofloxacin500 mg – 750 mg i.v./p.o.250 - 500 mg i.v./p.o.b.i.d7–10
Levofloxacin(250 mg) – 500 mg i.v./p.o.500 mg first dose then 250 mg i.v./p.o.q.d.7–10
Levofloxacin750 mg i.v./p.o.750 mg, first dose then 500 mg i.v./p.o.q.d.5
Cefpodoximproxetil200 mg p.o.200 mg p.o.b.i.d.10
Ceftibuten400 mg p.o.400 mg first dose then 200 mg p.o.q.d.10