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Table 3 Model fitting results

From: Impact of weight trajectory after bariatric surgery on co-morbidity evolution and burden

OutcomeModel typeCoefficient of determination
Group 1 TWLYield-density95.7%
Group 2 TWLReciprocal quadratic98.9%
Group 3 TWLReciprocal quadratic99.3%
Group 4 TWLReciprocal quadratic99.4%
Group 5 TWLReciprocal quadratic99.0%
Group 6 TWLYield-density99.9%
T2D resolutionLinear, 2 independent variables80.8%
T2D incidenceLinear, 1 independent variable79.4%
HTN resolutionLinear, 2 independent variables84.3%
HTN incidenceLinear, 1 independent variable88.6%
DLP resolutionLinear, 2 independent variables42.4%
DLP incidenceLinear, 1 independent variable92.6%
BMI cost factorReciprocal linear97.8%
  1. Assessment of fitting quality of various models used in the present study. BMI, body mass index; DLP, dyslipidaemia; HTN, hypertension; T2D, type 2 diabetes mellitus; TWL, total weight loss