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Table 3 Core individual NCD services and global targets

From: Assessing health system challenges and opportunities for better noncommunicable disease outcomes: the case of Mauritius

Relevant voluntary global targets by 2025 Core services
• At least 50% of eligible people receive drug therapy and counselling to prevent acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and stroke
• 25% reduction in the prevalence of raised blood pressure or contain the prevalence of raised blood pressure
CVD and diabetes – first line
Risk stratification in primary health care, including hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and other CVD risk factors
Effective detection and management of hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes through multidrug therapy based on risk stratification
Effective prevention in high-risk groups and secondary prevention after AMI, including acetylsalicylic acid
CVD and diabetes – second line
Rapid response and secondary care interventions after AMI and stroke
Effective detection and general follow-up
Patient education and intensive glucose management
Hypertension management among diabetes patients
Prevention of complications (e.g. eye and foot examination)
 Cancer – first line
Prevention of liver cancer through hepatitis B immunization
Screening for cervical cancer and treatment of precancerous lesions
 Cancer – second line
Vaccination against human papilloma virus as appropriate if cost-effective according to national policies
Early case-finding for breast cancer and timely treatment of all stages
Population-based colorectal cancer screening at age > 50 linked with timely treatment
Oral cancer screening in high risk groups linked with timely treatment
  1. Source: WHO [21]