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Table 1 Numbers and densities of health workers in Mauritius

From: Assessing health system challenges and opportunities for better noncommunicable disease outcomes: the case of Mauritius

Cadres of health workersTotal numberHealth workers per 1000 population in Mauritius
Physicians (2015)25502.0
Nursing & midwifery personnel (2015)42613.3
Dentistry personnel (2015)3800.3
Pharmaceutical personnel (2015)4970.4
Medical and Pathology Laboratory Personnel (2011)3610.3
Environmental and Occupational Health and Hygiene Personnel (2011)8450.71
Community health workers (2011)1870.157
Physiotherapy personnel (2011)3930.33
Traditional and Complementary Medicine personnel (2011)170.0143
  1. Source: WHO [10, 11]