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Table 1 Demographics of the respondents (n = 10,243)

From: Prioritizing the perceived equity of the residents to construct an equitable health care system: evidence from a national cross-sectional study in China

VariablesNumberPercentage (%)
Age (year)
 Primary school254924.9
 Middle school329332.1
 High school170116.6
 Undergraduate or over149214.6
Economic status
 Low-income family764174.6
 Not low-income family260225.4
SHIs coverage
 Not covered by SHI8168.1
 Covered by NCMS629761.5
 Covered by MIUR105210.2
 Covered by MIUW207820.2
Satisfaction of SHI reimbursement ratio
 Not satisfied117711.5
Geographical area
 Eastern area425341.5
 Central area323731.6
 Western area275326.9
General practitioners
Satisfaction of the latest treatment
 Not satisfied151614.8
In total10,243100.0
  1. *SHI Social health insurance, NCMS New rural cooperative medical service, MIUR Medical insurance for urban residents, MIUW Medical insurance for urban workers