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Table 3 Implementation outcomes over 18 months

From: IMPlementation of An online Relatives’ Toolkit for psychosis or bipolar (IMPART study): iterative multiple case study to identify key factors impacting on staff uptake and use

WaveWave 1Wave 2Wave 3 
No. of clinician accounts created443732636441281
No. of clinicians sending invites (% of clinicians who created account)8 (18)12 (54)4 (12)18 (29)8 (13)7(17)57
Median (range) invites sent per clinician3 (1,11)3 (1,9)8 (4,20)2.5 (1,25)2 (1,15)3 (1,45)3 (1,45)
Total no. of Invites sent3547401122992355
No. of relatives invited (% of caseload)29 (6)a40 (18)a37 (5)a93 (24)a25 (4)b86 (23) c310
No. of relatives accounts created (% of caseload)7 (1)a24 (11)a20 (3)a38 (9)a17 (3)b53 (15)c159
No. of staff interviewed151542232014129
  1. a Source for caseload is trust self-assessment for CCQI National Early Intervention in Psychosis Audit 2016–17
  2. b Source for caseload is EI Access and NICE Concordance Presentation by EI Clinical Lead
  3. c Source for caseload is EI Provider & Commissioners’ Report 2016