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Table 1 Characteristics of the residential care facilities

From: Nursing staff’s evaluation of facilitators and barriers during implementation of wireless nurse call systems in residential care facilities. A cross-sectional study

RCF locationRuralSuburbanSuburbanSuburbanUrban
Somatic unit profilesShort-term rehabilitation unit; acute care unit; nursing home units; long-term sheltered housing unitsLong-term sheltered housing unitsNursing home unitsNursing home units; long-term sheltered housing unit*Nursing home unit
Units included82213
Somatic units52211
Secluded dementia units30002
Healthcare professionals^19049502334
  1. Abbreviations: RCF residential care facility. *Only the long-term somatic sheltered housing unit with round-the-clock services was included in the study. ^The number of employees eligible to participate in the survey (nurses, healthcare workers or other healthcare professions)