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Table 4 Multivariate logistic regression analysis of respondents (n = 2617)

From: A cross-sectional study of job burnout, psychological attachment, and the career calling of Chinese doctors

VariablesBS.E.WaldDfPORCorrelation strength
Daily working hours0.1870.0707.24110.0071.206Cox-Snell R2 = 0.015
Nagelkerke R2 = 0.027
Age (contrast = 20–30)  6.79030.079 
Education level (contrast = college degree or below)  3.33230.343 
Education level: bachelor0.1320.1920.47710.4901.141
Education level: master0.3380.2192.38210.1231.401
Education level: doctor0.0440.2630.02810.8671.045
Professional title (contrast = without professional title)  9.28740.054 
Professional title: resident doctor0.3290.2132.39210.1221.390
Professional title: attending physician0.4120.2353.07210.0801.510
Professional title: associate chief physician0.6960.2806.19110.0132.005
Professional title: chief physician0.2370.3180.55610.4561.267
Overall model fit testX2 = 37.805 Hosmer-Lemeshow =6.213