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Table 2 Table of patients presenting with combinations of fever, back or neck pain, or abnormal neurologic exam in the first 24 h of care for spinal epidural abscess, 2015–2018

From: Time-to-completed-imaging, survival and function in patients with spinal epidural abscess: Description of a series of 34 patients, 2015–2018

 Plegia or death (n = 7)No plegia or death (n = 27)
Fever only4 (57.1)17 (63.0)
Back or neck pain only723 (85.2)
Abnormal neuro exam only6 (85.7)18 (66.7)
Fever and back/neck pain4 (57.1)16 (59.3)
Fever and abnormal neuro exam3 (42.9)11 (40.7)
Back/neck pain and abnormal neuro exam6 (85.7)14 (51.9)
Fever, back/neck pain and abnormal neuro exam3 (42.9)10 (37.0)