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Table 4 GRADE

From: Predicting the need for supportive services after discharged from hospital: a systematic review

 UnivariableMultivariateGRADE Factors
Prognostic Factor# of studiesNo. of participantsPhase of Investigation+0+0Risk of BiasInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionModerate/Large effect sizeDose EffectOverall Quality
Impaired Physical Functiona455303300400Moderate++++
ADL disabilities317243300300Moderate++++
Frailty b215453100200Moderate++++
Supportive environment prior to admission242583200200Moderate+++
IADL disabilities212343200200Moderate+++
Cognitive impairmentc461983300100Moderate++
Marital status (Married) vs Other351813003002Moderate++
Heart Failure247942200000Moderate++
Metastatic Cancer247942200100Moderate++
Lives with informal care giver27363002001Moderate++
Sex (Female)456333130110Moderate+
Heart Valve Disease242963200000High+
Comorbidities Increasing number421113310010Moderate+
  1. aPhysical function as measured by mobility, gait, ability to transfer or physical function scores
  2. bMeasured using Rockwood frailty scale, Braden risk and Morse fall risk
  3. cCognitive impairment defined as low mini-mental state score, severe cognitive impairment, dementia or cognitive stage