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Table 3 Models

From: Predicting the need for supportive services after discharged from hospital: a systematic review

StudyOutcomeNumber (%) with outcomeVariable screening methodVariable selection methodVariables included in final modelDiscrimination (derivation)Discrimination (validation)CalibrationOther measures of model performance
Fairchild et al., 1998 [15]Use of post-discharge medical services134 (35)Univariable analysisSelection algorithmAge > 65, SF-36 Physical administered on admission < 50, SF-36 Social < 15AUC = 0.75AUC = 0.70N/AN/A
Simonet et al., 2008 [20]Discharge to a post-acute care facility104 (30)Univariable analysisSelection algorithmNumber of medically active conditions on admission, Inability of patient’s partner to provide home help, Number of IADL and ADL disabilities, Age, Admitted via inter-hospital transferAUC = 0.82AUC = 0.77N/A8-point cutoff: Sensitivity 0.87/Specificity 0.63, 16-point cutoff: Sensitivity 0.42/Specificity 0.91
Mehta et al., 2011 [16]Need for IADL support242 (27)Univariable analysisBest subset algorithmAge < 80, 80–89, > 90, Dependent in > 3 IADLS prior to admission, Number of ADL dependencies at the time of admission 1, 2–3, 4–5, Metastatic cancer or stroke, Albumin < 3 g/dL, Mobility before admission0.780.78H-L P = 0.40N/A
Stineman et al., 2014 [18]Home discharge3348 (85)Univariable analysisSelection algorithmMarried, Location before admission extended care, hospital, home, Functional recovery grade at discharge, discharge cognitive grade, History of liver disease, no feeding tube required, No intensive care unit admission, Mechanical ventilation during admission0.820.8H-L P = 0.23 
Tapper et al., 2015 [19]Discharge to rehabilitation199 (15)Clinical reasoningNone (all variables included)Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Charlson Co-morbidity Index, Admission ADL score, Admission Morse fall risk score and Braden score, Admission MELD, Admission serum sodium, Infection, Cirrhotic decompensation, Hepato-cellular carcinoma, Admitting hepatologistAUC = 0.85AUC = 0.77N/AN/A
Basic et al., 2015 [17]New Admission to a Nursing Home62 (5.9%)Clinical reasoning, literature reviewBackwards selection Using LR testClinical frailty scale 7-point, Dementia, delirium, Age, Urinary retention, Deconditioning, Seizure disorderN/AN/AN/AN/A