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Table 1 Studies

From: Predicting the need for supportive services after discharged from hospital: a systematic review

StudyParticipants and SettingDesignSample size derivation cohortValidation type and sample sizeMean age of derivation cohortMost common admitting diagnosesPrognostic data collection timeframeaOutcome
Fairchild et al., 1998 [15]General medicine patients in an urban teaching hospitalSingle center prospective cohort387Internal, n = 32755Chest pain< 24 hUse of post-discharge medical services
Heart failure and shock
Bronchitis and asthma with complications
Simonet et al., 2008 [20]General medicine patients in a teaching hospitalSingle center prospective cohort349Internal, n = 16165Not provided< 24 hDischarge to a post-acute care facility
Mehta et al., 2011 [16]General medicine patients in a teaching hospitalMulticenter prospective cohort885External, n = 75378Chronic lung disease< 24 hNeed for ADL support
Peripheral vascular disease
Congestive heart failure
Stineman et al., 2014 [18]Veterans hospitals stroke patientsMulticenter retrospective cohort3909Internal, n = 260669StrokeThroughout hospitalizationHome discharge
Tapper et al., 2015 [19]Liver transplant unit in an academic hospitalSingle center retrospective cohort490Internal, n = 24457Encephalopathy< 24 hDischarge to rehabilitation
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Basic et al., 2015 [17]Patients admitted under geriatricians with geriatric issuesSingle Center Prospective Cohort1055Internal n = 107083DementiaDuring the HospitalizationNew Admission to a Nursing Home
  1. aRelative to time of admission