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Table 5 Direct annual medical costs per patient by insurance types, in Chinese Yuan (CNY)

From: Direct medical costs of end-stage kidney disease and renal replacement therapy: a cohort study in Guangzhou City, southern China

 HD  PD  
 UEBMI HDURBMI HDDifference (99.17%CI)P valueUEBMI PDURBMI PDDifference (99.17%CI)P value
Composition of total costs3341424  1137100  
Total annual medical costs
 Mean96,746.078,353.318,392.6 (13,383.9–23,401.4)0.000a81,879.467,718.114,161.3 (7276.4–21,046.1)0.000a
 SD45,704.535,379.5  32,876.223,776.1  
Laboratory and diagnostic costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.80.7  0.40.5  
 Mean750.5569.6180.9 (−72.4–434.2)0.059a307.7307.30.4 (− 209.5–210.3)0.996a
 SD2988.81658.9  1481.3653.5  
Non-medication treatment costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)77.878.9  12.419.3  
 Mean75,259.561,835.713,423.8 (10,170.0–16,677.6)0.000a10,138.713,094.6− 2955.9 (− 7852.2–1940.4)0.108a
 SD27,382.723,338.7  17,006.417,519.7  
Medication costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)20.719.6  86.779.7  
 Mean20,023.915,353.74670.2 (2697.8–6642.5)0.000a71,013.153,941.517,071.6 (9905.2–24,238.1)0.000a
 SD18,606.713,831.7  24,932.425,639.5  
Bed Fees
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.40.4  0.30.4  
 Mean354.1312.541.6 (− 129.0–212.30)0.518a267.0250.216.8 (−147.8–181.3)0.785a
 SD1428.21224.8  813.0564.9  
Other fees
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.40.4  0.20.2  
 Mean363.3281.881.5 (−8.6–171.5)0.020a152.8124.528.3 (−74.5–131.1)0.466a
 SD1222.2549.8  980.9256.2  
Out-of-pocket spending
 Percentage of total cost (%)10.735.4−24.5 (−25.8 - -23.0)0.000b12.637.425.0 (−27.7 - -22.3)0.000b
 Mean10,371.127,711.6−17,340.5 (−19,655.8 - -15,025.2)0.000a10,303.425,311.9−15,008.5 (− 18,084.7 - -11,932.2)0.000a
 SD8627.217,716.8  8083.511,186.0  
  1. HD Haemodialysis, PD Peritoneal Dialysis, KT Kidney Transplantation
  2. UEBMI, Urban Employee-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme; URBMI, Urban Resident-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme
  3. ap-values were based on the independent two-sample T-test; bp-values were based on the two-proportion Z-test. A Bonferroni adjustment was applied: the adjusted alpha level was 0.0083 (alpha = 0.05/6) and 99.17% Confidence Intervals (CI) were presented