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Table 2 Baseline patients characteristics, n (%) or mean ± standard deviation (SD) or median (25th–75th)

From: Direct medical costs of end-stage kidney disease and renal replacement therapy: a cohort study in Guangzhou City, southern China

 HDPDKT (first year)KT (second year)
No. Patients3765123711741
Gender: Male2089(55.5)683(55.2)82(70.1)31(75.6)
Age (years)
 Mean ± SD57.5 ± 15.851.1 ± 16.137.0 ± 9.739.0 ± 11.2
Age Group
 18–45 years827(22.0)472(38.2)93(79.5)29(70.7)
 45–60 years1166(31.0)357(28.9)23(19.7)11(26.8)
 60–75 years1168(31.0)305(24.7)1(0.9)1(2.4)
  ≥ 75 years604(16.0)103(8.3)0(0.0)0(0.0)
Insurance type
  1. HD Haemodialysis, PD Peritoneal Dialysis, KT Kidney Transplantation, UEBMI Urban Employee-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme, URBMI Urban Resident-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme