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Table 7 Comparison of mean differences in raw and matched data

From: Centralising acute stroke care within clinical practice in the Netherlands: lower bounds of the causal impact

  Raw Matched
Age in years -0.1978049a -0.0796457
Male 0.1285413a 0.0057671
IVT received -0.2216757b -0.058478
sNIHSS on arrival 0.1092078 0.0387365
Mode of referral 0.2681143a 0.0242103
Transported by EMS (%) 0.3942428b 0.025803
  1. IVT Intravenous Thrombolysis, sNIHSS short National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, EMS Emergency Medical Services, km kilometer. Inference: a/b indicate significant differences at the 5%/1% level based on the mean differences of the two systems