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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Centralising acute stroke care within clinical practice in the Netherlands: lower bounds of the causal impact

Number of patients267780
Age in years (SD)70 (14)73 (13)a
Male (%)149 (56)383 (49)a
IVT received (%)61 (23)b112 (14)
Median sNIHSS on arrival (IQR)1 (0–3)1 (0–3)
Median mRS at 3 months (IQR)1 (0–5)2 (0–5)a
Referral GP (%)101 (38)437 (56)a
First responder EMS (%)78 (29)178 (23)
Transported by EMS (%)204 (76)456 (58)b
Median distance to hospital (km)15.69.3b
  1. SD indicates standard deviation; IVT Intravenous Thrombolysis, sNIHSS short National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, IQR Interquartile Range, mRS modified Rankin Scale, GP General Practitioner, EMS Emergency Medical Services, km kilometer. Inference: a/b indicate significant differences at the 5%/1% level based on the mean differences of the two systems