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Table 2 Topic guide in focus group interviews

From: Understanding beneficial self-management support and the meaning of user involvement in lifestyle interventions: a qualitative study from the perspective of healthcare professionals

Self-management support (SMS):
• What do you experience as beneficial help and support for the service users afflicted by overweight or obesity attending lifestyle interventions in the HLCs?
• What do you perceive as beneficial support for lifestyle change?
• How do the service users describe beneficial support?
• How do you promote self-management in the interventions?
• Can you describe how you work?
• What is important in the promotion of self-management and supporting lifestyle change?
User involvement:
• What do you understand by user involvement at the HLCs?
• What is important in the involvement of the service users?
• How do you involve the users in the intervention and in the process of change?
• What is the significance of user involvement?
• What do user involvement imply?