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Table 2 Proposals for the ideal approach to MS

From: Social value of a set of proposals for the ideal approach of multiple sclerosis within the Spanish National Health System: a social return on investment study

Analysis areaNumberProposal name
Diagnosis1Training in MS and its symptoms both for non-specialist MS neurology and for healthcare professionals from other areas related to MS patients.
2Coordination between primary care medicine and neurology, through direct contact channels.
3Decrease in waiting lists in the neurology speciality.
4Quick access to the magnetic resonance imaging test.
5Visit of diagnostic test results within a maximum 30 days.
6Early visit with neurology after diagnosis.
Relapsing-remitting MS7Coordination between primary care medicine and neurology, through direct contact channels.
8Protocol on the follow-up of patients according to the criteria of disease severity.
9Magnetic resonance imaging performed at least once a year.
10Universal access to monographic consultations and/or multidisciplinary units of MS throughout the National Health System.
11Access to disease modifying treatment for patients with RRMS not currently treated.
12Education about healthy habits for patients through hospital nursing specialised in MS.
Progressive forms of MS13Coordination between primary care medicine and other specialists involved in the follow-up of the disease, through direct contact routes.
14Care and treatment of collateral symptoms and education for their management.
15Access to treatment for patients with PFMS not currently being treated.
16Universal access to comprehensive rehabilitation.
17Improvement in social protection, ensuring direct contact with social work.
18Research on the pathogenesis of progression at a clinical and basic level (neuroprotection and remyelination). a
  1. Abbreviations: MS multiple sclerosis, RRMS relapsing-remitting MS, PFMS progressive forms of MS, which include both primary progressive MS and secondary progressive MS.
  2. aDespite the consensus of the Multidisciplinary Working Group on the inclusion of this proposal in the ideal approach to MS in the SNHS, the impossibility of estimating neither its investment nor its potential return has led to removing it from the calculation of the social return that such an approach would entail after its hypothetical implementation