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Table 1 Elements of the Care Home Improvement Programme

From: Reducing hospital admissions in older care home residents: a 4-year evaluation of the care home innovation Programme (CHIP)

CHIP ElementDescription
Community MatronSenior nurses providing a weekday 9–5 service both reactive care for urgent presentations and care planning of patients resulting in an advanced care plan. A community matron. A community care home matron is usually a senior nurse who may have a masters degree and non-medical prescribing qualifications.
Televideo remote advanced nurse practitionerEach care home that agreed to participate had a laptop with webcam supplied and installed free of charge. This provided 24-h access to a band 7 nurse in Airedale NHS Trust who could provide video assessment
General PractitionerProvide support and advice as the registered doctor
Community GeriatricianProvide support and advice including joint visits or reviews
CHIP protocols13 clinically derived protocols that follow expert guidance on the initial management of common presentation e.g. falls, head injury, shortness of breath etc.
Training to care home staffBasic training package for healthcare assistants in taking observations and applying protocols provided by Edge Hill University
NewsletterMonthly newsletter
Quality Improvement Collaborative meetingsQuarterly meetings allowing care homes to be trained, update on progress, introduced to services and share good practice