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Table 3 Model KPIs – Average results from 10,000 runs of the model

From: Capacity and patient flow planning in post-term pregnancy outpatient clinics: a computer simulation modelling study

Y1Arrivals. Number of women attending clinic (same as X0, see Optimal Treatment Capacity section)
Y2aTime last woman checks out (HH:MM:SS)
Y3Women’s LoS (mins)
Y4bClinic overrun (mins after 10:30)
Y5Women’s midwife waiting time (mins) [CTG connection wait + CTG disconnection wait].
Y6Women’s doctor waiting time (mins)
Y7Women’s CTG connection waiting time (mins) [CTG wait + midwife wait for connection]
  1. a Y2 explanation: Consider a scenario where 7 women arrive (10,000 model runs (a model trial) simulates 70,000 women). Say for 5000 runs the time the last woman leaves is 10:35 and for 5000 runs the time the last woman leaves is 10:20. The average of the model trial would be 10:27:30
  2. b Y4 explanation: In the 5000 runs where the last woman leaves at 10:35 at least one of the women left late e.g. after 10:30. Assuming that only ONE woman in each of these runs finished 5 min late, results in an average clinic overrun time of 0.5 min (7000 women [1 woman leaving late each run] * 5 min) / 70,000 women [the total number of women] = 0.5 min)