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Table 2 Model inputs

From: Capacity and patient flow planning in post-term pregnancy outpatient clinics: a computer simulation modelling study

X0Arrivals. The number of women who attend the clinic.- No default value, it ranges from 2 to 20.
Also a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), see next section.
X1Arrivals pattern- “All”a. All the women arrive at 08:00
- “Half”. Half of the women arrive at 08:00 and half at 08:30
For odd numbers of arrivals the larger value arrives at 08:00.
X2Order of midwife and doctor consultation- “Doc” a woman can see a doctor first if one is available, before seeing a midwife
- “Mid”a the woman sees a midwife before a doctor.
X3Number of midwivesTwoa or three.
X4Number of doctorsTwoa or three.
X5Number of CTGsThreea or four.
  1. aBase case indicated in bold