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Table 2 Example of the analysis procedure from meaning unit to theme

From: The tensions between micro-, meso- and macro-levels: physiotherapists’ views of their role towards fall prevention in the community – a qualitative study

Meaning unitCodesTheme
It’s about supporting a behavioural change … that is, a change in which the patient somehow takes his behaviour and its consequences into consideration. They must make up their mind about it, make decisions about how they want to live their lives. Understanding is so important. We must respect the person’s autonomy while exploring the opportunities for behavioural change. It may also be conceivable that a lack of adherence with what we recommend is because the person does not realise that it is a problem. We need to think about underlying psychological factors in change and help even more people manage to implement our interventions. It is important to use evidence-based knowledge or best practiceBehaviour changeAlways moving and changing: The competent, explorative and knowledge-hungry clinician’s multifaceted role
Active listening
Respect autonomy
Support behaviour change
Use evidence-based knowledge
User’s understanding
Psychologic knowledge
Knowledge translation
Best practice