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Table 3 Articles Table (n = 67)

From: Context, complexity and process in the implementation of evidence-based innovation: a realist informed review

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  1. Table 3 text.
  2. A total of 42 separate journals composed the articles retrieved. Health services research was most represented with 15 citations. Medical and nursing journals were next with 14 citations in each. Implementation science publications were next with 10 citations followed by 4 citations in quality improvement and 3 each found in policy, education and leadership journals. Empirical studies numbered 21 with the majority being case reviews [7]. Within the empirical group qualitative, quantitative and mixed or multi-method approaches were evenly distributed at 7 each. Nineteen citations were theoretical [9] or model building/evaluating [10]. Reviews made up a further 16 citations with 11 expert opinion papers completing the sample